What The Class Covers

This class, developed specifically by Pro Mainland Safety, provides students with crucial knowledge about deadly hydrogen sulfide ("H2S"), which is a colorless poisonous gas resulting from the action of acids on sulfides. While it's a very common work hazard in the oil and gas industry, it is also present in several other work environments. Workers should know about this hazard and the general steps to safely react if it's suspected or detected.

Usual Class Duration / Format

Four hours. Video presentation and live instructor-led session. Content includes handouts.

  Additional fees may apply for some materials.

Syllabus / Outline(s)

Deadly H2S gas symbol with skull and crossbones - awareness.


*Scheduled Classes are not guaranteed. Students must register for class in advance to ensure seat availability and class minimum requirements. For assistance, please contact our office at (806) 317-1139