Safety Experts Wanted

Pro Mainland Safety thrives as a leading safety company due to our committed leadership and devoted team. We recognize how critcially important safety is to all organizations, and if you share this mindset, we'd like to hear from you.

Current positions are posted on this page. Even is there isn't a current opening, feel free to submit your information (e.g., a letter of interest, resume, and so on); we'd be glad to keep your information on file.

Safety Generalist/Technician - Open Call For Potential Future Positions

Location: Lubbock


Will assist Pro Mainland Safety in the delivery of various safety services, which may include: training others; conducting site assessments; developing safety materials; assisting in the creation of safety policies and procedures for specific clients or industries; assisting more seasoned Safety Specialists or Inspectors with their work; and similar supportive duties.

Through utilizing your own experiences and safety education, combined with specific training we may provide, employees may work in various assigned client industries, spanning construction, health care, oil and gas, manufacturing, and various other fields. Employees also assist clients in interpreting and complying with regulations as published or issued by OSHA and other regulatory bodies.

Skills, Abilities & Education

All employees should have a distinct commitment to professional client service, as well as meticulous attention to detail, spanning everything from discerning policies and procedures to equipment inspections.

Ability to work independently as well as part of a team is important, while being receptive to supervision and on-going education and training. Most or all positions require the ability to: Walk; stand; stoop; bend; crawl; reach overhead; pull; lift moderate amounts of weight; sit; climb stairs and ladders; smell; see; successfully navigate various facilities (such as factory installations, refineries, field operations, and so on); operate a motor vehicle and/or industrial equipment (e.g., service vehicles, forklifts).

All employees should possess mathematical and English language skills as may be reflected by the completion of high school. Some positions may in addition require the completion of various certificate programs, or vocational, two- or four-year collegiate study and/or respective degrees. Must be able to complete documentation, interpret and complete reports and similar reading/writing tasks.

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